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The Centre of Excellence on European Union Sustainable Finance and Law is focused on research concerning the legal implications of the integration of sustainability in the financial sector. In this respect, the Centre brings together a European team of experienced scholars with a very high profile in their field of work (corporate social responsibility, corporate governance, capital markets, banking and insurance law, financial regulation, law and economics etc.), some of which have already lead or is leading research projects specifically concerning CSR and/or sustainable finance or is participating in some of them.


As a consequence, some activities will be performed in collaboration with these other well-known international research centres, which will enhance the quality of the research activity and allow a continuous exchange and ideas, recommendations and scientific knowledge. Furthermore, the Centre will be able to involve other scholars, including economists and risk management experts and other non-academic bodies on the base of the activities which will be carried out. It should also be highlighted that EUSFiL intends to promote gender diversity and assure gender inclusion, as it is clearly reflected in the composition of its team of experts. 

Moreover, a Stakeholder Committee, composed of representatives of the target groups (legal and business scholars, financial regulators and supervisory authorities, legal practitioners and other professionals), will support EUSFiL in the development of the project, by providing periodic feedback and evaluation on the main proposals and deliverables. The stakeholder committee will also be consulted through specific questionnaires for each research area during the Project preparatory stage.


The Centre of Excellence will be composed of many scholars from different universities, each of them specialised in distinct sectors of finance. Based on their specific competencies and skills, each principal researcher will address his/her research activities to assess the legal and/or economic tools to be developed for, as well as the implications derived from, the need to integrate sustainability into the company and financial law. Each contribution will fall under one of four main workstreams, as follows:









Poligono 6

Workstream 1

Ethics and sustainability in corporate law, corporate governance and conduct

Poligono 3

Workstream 2

Ensuring financial stability and sustainability

Poligono 8

Workstream 3

Investor protection in Financial Markets Regulation

Poligono 5

Workstream 4

Engagement, inclusion and innovation in Finance

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