EUSFiL Working Papers

EUSFiL Research Working Paper Series


EUSFiL Research Working Paper Series is a project of the Jean Monnet Centre of Excellence on European Union Sustainable Finance and Law. All studies in the EUSFiL Research Working Paper Series have followed a rigorous process of academic evaluation performed by EUSFiL Editorial Board.

Working Papers present an author’s provisional findings, which, upon further consideration and revision, are likely to be republished in an academic journal.

The opinions expressed in EUSFiL Research Working Papers are the authors’ and do not represent official positions of the EUSFiL Center or University involved in the project.

EUSFiL project has been funded with support from the European Commission. The Research Working Paper Series reflects the views only of the author, and the European Commission cannot be held responsible for any use which may be made of the information contained therein.

Editor in Chief

Michele Siri, University of Genoa

Editorial Board

K. Alexander, University of Zurich
V. Colaert, KU Leuven University
G. Ferrarini, University of Genoa
P. Schwizer, SDA Bocconi School of Management
A. Sciarrone Alibrandi, Catholic University of the Sacred Heart B. Sjåfjell, University of Oslo

Editorial Assistants

Matteo Gargantini, University of Utrecht

Eugenia Macchiavello, University of Genoa

Shanshan Zhu, University of Genoa

Paper Submission

Only EUSFiL Team Members may submit papers to the EUSFiL Series (info@eusfil.eu), but some exceptions could made for papers that have been delivered at academic conferences or workshops organised or endorsed by EUSFiL.

The EUSFiL Working Paper Series is intended for works in progress (i.e., not for already published pieces), including research papers, book reviews, essays and handbook chapters.

In order to be accepted, papers should focus on one of the four main research areas addressed by EUSFiL, as follows:

  1. Ethics and sustainability in corporate law, corporate governance and conduct

  2. Ensuring financial stability and sustainability

  3. Investor protection in Financial Markets Regulation

  4. Engagement, inclusion and innovation in Finance

Each paper should be voluntarily submitted by its author or co-author to the Editorial Board, to the email address info@eusfil.eu. The Editorial Board assess the suitability of the submitted paper to determine whether or not it is suitable for inclusion in EUSFiL Working Paper Series. 

A paper would be rejected if it is considered by the Editorial Boards to be an opinion piece i.e. not a true research paper or if the topic is not related to the research areas addressed by EUSFiL, even in the broadest sense.

Once approved by the Editorial Board, the Editorial Assistant perform a number of steps including:

- the addition of a cover page in the EUSFiL format

- the paper is added to the SSRN collection as well as the EUSFiL website

- an alert is sent to all the EUSFiL Team Members

- the news of WP addition is spread through EUSFiL social media accounts (LinkedIn, Twitter etc.)