International Summer School Banking & Capital Markets Law

July 19th- 23th 2021

The aim of the Summer School is to provide junior researchers (PhD researchers, post- docs, junior faculty members), LLM students and young professionals in banking and capital markets law with mentoring as well as with exposure to cutting‐edge research in the field.

To enhance the specific skills of the different categories of participants, the 2021 edition of the Summer School will be organized in some sessions open to all participants, other sessions specifically dedicated to young researchers and young professionals, and some others dedicated to LLM students only.

During the sessions open to all, the participants will have the opportunity to attend the opening conference on digital finance, the closing conference on sustainability (in collaboration with EUSFiL - Jean Monnet Centre of Excellence EU Sustainable Finance and Law), as well as the lectures focused on recent topics of banking and financial law given daily by highly reputed speakers, such as senior academics, representatives from EU and national supervisory authorities, the European Commission and practitioners in the field.

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Seminar Series 

"Sustainable Finance: Principles and Legal Development"


(organized in the context of the courses on Commercial Law II and EU Financial Market Law, University of Genoa)

Friday 30 October

10:15 - 11.45

14:00 - 15:30

Friday 13 November

10:00 - 13:00

Friday 20 November

10:00 - 13:00

I Session - Sustainable Development

Lecturer: Prof. Eugenia Macchiavello

II Session - The implementato of EU Action Plan on Sustainable Finance

Lecturers: Prof. Michele Siri and Dr. Shanshan Zhu

III Session - Principles of Sustainable Governance

Lecturer: Prof. Guido Ferrarini